4 AM: The Worst Hour of My Life

Hey guys,

Sometimes I find myself browsing the internet late at night instead of sleeping. Strangely, what bothers me most isn’t what I see online, but rather how I see myself reflected back at me through the content. While I’m used to feeling a bit odd, it can sometimes feel like the only way to feel truly alive and have a soul. Again, this is just my perspective.

In some scenarios, my body temperature drops, but it’s not aways winter. I feel that the temperature best represents my mood. I’d typically perceive myself as the asshole, though there are some times in my life where I am certain that the consequences aren’t on me. Not gonna get too deep here cause there are a lot of young teenagers on here.

Anyway, I was wondering what you all do when you’re up late. For me, lying in bed awake often leads to dwelling on everything that’s happened in my life, which can bring me down pretty quickly. I’ve made many shitty life choices, though for the most part, I’m okay. If you’re comfortable, feel free to respond with your story or stories.

Just curious,

For reference, this room is quite chilly. :cold_face: