About the Game Submissions category

This category is for sharing roblox maps for ClassicBLOX games, that doesn’t overwrite the client.

1. For custom games, they NEED to be made in an old roblox client, i recommend getting both Novetus (for 2006-2010) and Sodikm++ (for 2011-2016) as they are really good and include a studio to make games for ClassicBLOX. Using the normal Roblox Studio is NOT allowed.
Download Novetus: https://bitl.itch.io/novetus
**Download Sodikm++:**https://thewisestaccount.itch.io/sodikm

2. Also for custom games, if you are using Sodikm++ and 2016L, do NOT use R15 NPCS, as it will make your game ineligible for addition.

3. For Classic Games, They need to be a game from 2006-Mid 2016, and NEED to be fully working and fixed as I dont have time to fix any games.

4. The game needs at least: A name, A thumbnail and an era (It’s understandable if the creator is unknown, if you see any games in ClassicBLOX that have creator marked as Unknown and you know who created that game, you can message me.)

5. Any content that breaks <#1158405200789373030> (NSFW Content, etc…) will get you punished.

**6.**If the content has any backdoors or viruses and you don’t tell me about it, You’ll get banned from ClassicBLOX.

7. The content can’t break ROBLOX’s TOS, you’ll get punished if you submit a game that breaks the TOS.

8. The content submitted NEEDS to include a uncopylocked game’s link or a rbxl file. We can’t simply recreate games.