Classicblox is ass

man classicballs should fuk itself it suk ass retrostudio better, bloxvival suk ass too because captain a bitch man fuku

omg i agree!

true! thank you for your reply!

Man fuku

nah classicblox so bad even its co-creator hates it :sob:

Man Fuku

delete yourself

no you! FUKING N*OB

Bro, why are the rules so strict

how tf am i suppose to know

I cant send this message

so true!

Bro this is so true… Not very sigma of you.

Classic Blox is way better than retro studio. Retro studio admin bullied applicants in staff chat and got leaked. Their community harasses you, their games are real boring and although you can create your own games, which I wish could be implemented inside of CB, CB has a better community, admin, owners, rules and in my opinion a better main menu. CB makes us feel like a community, there’s no super strict rules on profanity which I enjoy as it feels out of touch when a admin uses Shi in an announcement altho retrostudio is more professional and not a compact community. Pls leave a good review on my wonderful reply rn rn rn rn rn

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So real, I agee… :pleading_face::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I completely agree! FUCK all of you!

not retro​:-1::-1:

:potato::potato::potato: yeaw its so bad

hate this game!

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