Classicblox is classic

Classicblox is classic

Proof? I am unsure if this is factual.

david roblox this is very factual my source is trust me

davi dd saaskcskic give me feree bourobux on

okay, you’re getting banned bud, mods get him

Can you link a notable source? I am intrigued.

stfu, you got no life bud

Excuse me? Banned? Mister, do you know who you’re talking to? You’re speaking to BIG DAVID. Put some respect on my name!

david roblox you own roblox not classicblox

an can i get free robux mr david bascucki

Leave me alone! I did nothing wrong!

Give me robux, You pear with electronic glasses.

can’t give a currency that doesn’t exist

I wholeheartedly agree.

your pfp sure is quite the humoristic take

i am gggggg yes

im gay .


no im gay my profile picture clearly says it n00b