CLASSICBLOX NEWS!: oh skibidi, this has GYATT to stop!


Skibidvaders have ben reeeking havik acros the townz lmao… that isnt very baby gronk… or lizzie… so we need YOUR help! Use code Witless on CB, which may become Skibidiblox if you dont use it, to get the new item based off the interstellar event, TV Man Head! Only for a limited time, so get NOW!

Skibidi- I mean, ClassicBlox, 2024. We are not responsible for any homosexual acts you get up to.

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Oh goodness my dear i think the lord would not agree on that hateful message. I shall talk about it later. Since i am busy right now for some time. But until i come you shall wait for me and treat me very good. So how about you make your mouth silent and do nothing. Cheers -Exdigest :crown:

You guys are literally going to make me kill myself

i now want to die after seeing this shit

prepare for a DMCA claim.

erik wont be happy

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Nah Jit trippin💀

Oh holly gosh golly willikers

BRO, THEY REMOVED MY FAVORITE LINES (Sigma, Ohio etc.). This is complete bullcrap, I want a refund of my time.

Even David hates this, LOL!

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Don’t ever FUCKING say that name AGAIN