I've got shetletsky locked up in my basement

Hey CB community! Its me, your favourite and only CEO of Roblox! David Baszucki.

So in this post I hope to shed some light on the rumours that one of our employees John Shedletsky, there was a rumour that started in 2014 that Shedletsky “quit” Roblox, These are of course lies and we would never let him go. There is some truth to this though, he tried to leave however we forbid him from quitting the company, so we have him and his wife currently locked up in my basement, giving them only one bucket of raw meat a week to share between the both of them while they both work on website maintence.

So yeah! Glad I could just shoot down those rumours the same way I shot my ex wife in 1994, as always feel free to ask any questions!

when will rthro be removed

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I am also inside your walls.

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whats up, groomingstudio!!!

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You’re a fucking stupid cunt if you think we’re going to be removing Rthro, infact as I mentioned in my plans at some point in this decade we’re going to ensure all our players use rthro, it doesn’t matter to me if they like it or not, fuck those kids.

rthro is good david, dont remove it.

blah blah shut up oldie, go back into your metaverse or whatever.

get back to your groomingstudio game or whatever, 50% of your community is groomers or whatever

Thats… correct. Dang. You hit us hard. We’re closing.

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