Let's talk about our feelings!

First, I’ll start off.

Hey guys, I’m Jacob. I don’t know how you guys have been, but myself, ehhh… Not too well. I’ve been going through a lot lately—particulary, prettttyyy bad stuff, but I hope your day’s been brightened by this.

Companies have no feelings or a soul!

i hate myself

Same here.

i think i might be gay

how am i not surprised :sob:

I’m not gay. Trust. But MOON <33

shut the fuck up cygnifire

er… what

I’m sorry… :frowning:

Please forgive me.

stop plz stop with moon and azazel

Oh, them? :heart_eyes:

stop of now

Okay. :frowning:

motha fucka leave cb for good jeez

Bro what :frowning:

I just came here to talk about our feelings, not conflict of interests.

aint you the guy who cut his leg on vc in front of minors?

I did what in VC?

you know what you did…